Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Review: The Evil Dead (1981)

Stars: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss

Budget: around $380,000

Directed By: Sam Raimi

Evil Dead, one of the horror greats and trend setters and something I watched very early on a very poor VHS copy and I didn't really understand it's weird claymation stuff and disjointed feel so much so I never finished it until I watched it again at a later date.

Which i'm glad I gave it another chance, especially since I saw evil dead 2 before re-watching this which gave me a better understanding.
watching this series all out of order at around 11-13 years old was not good, yet despite this on watching it again especially being older gave me a totally new perspective on this film.

I realised the film was pretty low budget and once i discovered it was filmed months apart at some points I understood why it felt disjointed at times.

This is the beginning of a series of films that would end up being something much, much bigger and something we all wanted so much more of for so long before it finally got a TV series (I would have preferred a movie but that's for another time)

Ok so lets get on with the movie, to be honest it was/is a very simple premise some friends hear of a cabin in the woods and decide to go there for a weekend away. Then after some ancient words are spoken and releases an evil they all die one by one.
Yes so in more detail, Ash Williams (Campbell), his girlfriend Linda, sister Cheryl, Scotty and his girlfriend Shelly travel to an abandoned Cabin in the woods they have heard about. It's a bit run down but they neaten it up by the time they go to have lunch.
while eating the cabins basement door blows open, this leads the youths to take a look what did it. Finding a tape recorder, ancient book, knife and shotgun they bring them all up into the cabin and proceed to listen to the recordings.

Unknown to them the words spoken on the recorder awaken an evil force out in the forest. Later a scared hysterical Cheryl goes out into the forest when she thinks she hears something out there.
Searching around for a few minutes she is attack by tree branches which rip at her clothes and eventually violate her. Ash has given Linda a small silver magnifying glass necklace which she adores, Cheryl is unable to convince the others so talks ash into taking her into town.
He agrees though unfortunately when they reach the bridge it is totally destroyed, sending Cheryl hysterical again. Heading back to cabin they listen to more of recordings, Cheryl starts to predict the cards being pulled from a deck and spins around floating in the air possessed by a demon.

Cheryl manages to stab Linda in the ankle with her pencil before the guys lock her in the cellar, unfortunately Shelly becomes possessed also. Scotty having heard that they need to be dismembered from the recording grabs an axe then proceeds to hack her up.
Scotty also tries to flee after this to find some kind of trail through the forest back to town, while he's gone Linda also turns yet she just sits there taunting Ash. Not very long later Scotty bursts back in very bloodied and hurt by unknown assailants.
Linda and Cheryl pretend to be normal again but revert quickly forcing Ash to throw Linda outside she however attacks him until ask manages to use the dagger against her. He goes to use the chainsaw in the tool shed to dismember her but can't bring himself to.
He ends up just burying her corpse, which once done she immediately leaps from her grave, only to be decapitated by a shovel. Heading back inside Cheryl has freed herself from the basement and ash manages to wound her with the shotgun, Ash heads to the basement to find more ammo.
Emerging from the basement Ash is shocked when Cheryl attacks again and also Scotty comes back as a demon too.

I'll leave it here as we're near the end of the film and this is one film that NEEDS to be watched by any horror fan, trend setter and franchise maker THN awards Evil Dead 5 out of 5

Sunday, 4 February 2018

THN News: Halloween 2018

Are you looking forwards to this?
Are you terrified it might be bad?
Confused as to whats going on story wise?

All these things and more we are all wondering even here in THN, we are however keeping an eye on all fronts soaking up every bit of knowledge and news we can to keep everyone informed. As always this may contain spoilers for the film series or even the upcoming film so if you don't want to know either then please turn away now.

Still here? Okay then here we go.
We like many are a filled with a bit of trepidation when it comes to sequels, especially sequels that plan to forget nearly everything from every other sequel past the first film. You all know if your avid THN reader I;m a massive sucker for a franchise.
Be it Friday the 13th, Chucky or even leprechaun, I lap them up like a cat with creamy milk. So as you see above and may have seen other places there's a familiar face returning to the franchise. One Jamie Lee Curtis in the form of Laurie Strode, her real name Cynthia Myers. First seen in the original film from 1978 In the film we learn she is the only remaining member of the Myers family a family massacred by their one member Micheal when he was only a mere 8 year old kid himself.

Micheal after escaping from asylum workers returns to Haddonfield many years later to finish the job of killing his family in the form of the now teenage Laurie, adopted by the Strode family and renamed. Pictured above, after many attempts and killing a bunch of other teens he fails to kill her in the first movie. Thwarted by the late great Donald Pleasance in the form of Micheal's personal psychological worker Dr Loomis. Despite being shot many time and falling from a high balcony Micheal manages to survive and disappears at the end.
The second film is basically a retread of the first except set in a hospital where Laurie is recovering from her ordeal. Micheal once again tries to murder her while dispatching hospital workers in a myriad of creative ways.
Loomis shows up to help again and Micheal seems to be killed by being set on fire by an ether explosion set off by Loomis, who we also assume is dead. (He's not he returns in a later Halloween film) Somewhere between the second film and the sequels up to Halloween H20 Laurie fakes her death and moves, she also changes her name.

Now set 20 years after the second film and pretty much ignoring 4, 5 and 6 Laurie now known as Keri Tate has been living a relatively normal life and had a son named John with a guy she had a bad relationship with.
A head teacher living on campus with her son everything seemed peachy on the surface, she even had a new relationship blooming with school guidance counselor Will Brennan. Unfortunately due her past experiences and hiding her real identity she turned into a functioning alcoholic (someone who can drink get drunk but still go about 'normal' life).
Over protective of John, when he rebels against her telling her Micheal is dead she does proceed to be more lenient with him, allowing a school trip. unfortunately she makes a link between being an early teen and Micheal turning up to kill you and yes he does indeed attack John and his girlfriend.
Saving them and after a bunch more people including Will meet their demise Laurie sends John and Molly to call the police.
She confronts Micheal herself with a fire axe, both of them hurt each other but Laurie comes out on top after stabbing Micheal repeatedly and sending him off a high balcony. The police arrive and they load Micheal's seemingly dead body onto an ambulance, Laurie managed to steal the ambulance knowing Micheal would rise again.
He does and after a few more tense scenes she beheads her brother and thinks it's finally over.

In the next film we learn that the man at the end of H2O was not Micheal but the security guard who Micheal has crushed his larynx preventing him from speaking and disguising him as himself.
She ends up in an insane asylum due to this, she seems to be in a catatonic state but this is just to fool the sanatorium workers. She has however been setting things up for when he murderous brother eventually returns.
Setting a trap on the roof of the building, when he eventually comes for her she fights back leading him up to then roof. Once there she spring out on an unsuspecting Micheal triggering her trap, she says she doesn't fear him anymore as he dangles over the roof by his ankle. Micheal manages however to fool her by clawing at his mask making her think it could be a different person again. When she attempts to make sure he grabs her and brings her over too, the rope breaks but Micheal grabs onto the roof and stabs Laurie with his other hand, thus ending her role in the movies.

Bleh, bleh and more bleh especially part 2. enough said about them.

So we can ignore every movie after the second one now, some people are saying this is just like a retread of H2O or maybe a H4O lol. Though from what I've seen it does look suitably different. Even though I do hate it when they retcon a series if it's done right it can be a decent addition to the series, well redone series.
Things i don't like are the implied thing that Laurie being Micheal's sister may well be wiped from the cannon, why?
That's one of the main things that links her to the protagonist give the first film it's meaning and reason. So if it's wiped why is Micheal even back now, 40 whole years later?

We won't know until we see where McBride decides to take this idea and if he does indeed run with it. So yes its set 40 years after the original now with a Laurie who isn't Micheal's sister still worrying about if he will ever return after his disappearance at the end of the original.
She does have children, even a granddaughter Karen and Allyson respectively.
John Carpenter is back as executive director, which does give me a little hope that it go in a good direction. Also the fact that McBride and David Gordon Green are massive Halloween fans themselves makes me want to believe it can work.
We've seen set photos such as this:

That are places and houses done up to show its Halloween night much the same as the original film this means Micheal will be retreading his steps in Haddonfield on that night again. Speaking of Micheal there's been also been on set very distant pictures taken of the killer himself such as this:

He's blurry but that's definitely  him by the tree on the right hand side there. That's almost everything we know here at THN so I hope this has helpful getting you caught up with Halloween where it was, where it's gone and where it's going.
Slated for an October 31st release date, believe me THN will be there to see where this takes the series first hand!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

THN Exclusive: PvP Players Vs Philmore

Directed By: Adam Morgan

Budget: $3000

Stars: Friends, Family, Justin Thompson

Got a bit of an exclusive one here folks
a great triumph coupled with shit luck,
luck that took the form of one such hurricane
that hit Texas not so long back.

A guy I have made good friends with through
the power of Friday the 13th multiplayer. A stand up guy and very funny, Strangely he's a stand up comedian!
So this friend of his was working on this zombie/mishmash/surreal piece of work, like most micro budget films are.
I was excited to hear about this of course being in my line of work it's my bread and butter. Unfortunately the hurricane hit and totally fucked up the production in many ways. It totally changed the landscape of a lot of places, destroyed things they were working with and threw timelines out of the window.

Any higher budget film might of scraped by with this but micro budget meant friends family and kind strangers helping any they could.
Many effects were left to rot, one such some pig items were lost due time constraints. Although principal shooting appears to have been completed.
Reshoots and effects touching up have not been an option, so being this film at a still hefty 100 minutes is as is.
Posted to YouTube now, the director etc is hoping to continue with further ideas and films he has on the books.

Speaking of director this fresh faced young fellow:
Adam Morgan, so unfinished, unedited (to a degree) I give you PvP: Players Vs Philmore.

The film opens up with our protagonist doing a series of weird excercise routines. He's a portly fellow who we learn by Vlog form has lost and is continuing to lose weight, he's very odd also but heck who isn't these days.
The filming is very grainy and mostly naturally lit from what I can tell but very well done for the micro budget scene. Locations are obviously places chosen for privacy and seclusion needed for filming things of this nature.
I'm sure the gym scene early on here is taken at a time when the place was at it quietest, though I could be wrong these are just my educated guesses.

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this, due to the editing and lack of reshoots this is a difficult film to watch. I had to watch it 3 pieces myself.
The walking in this film is one of the worst parts, there's a lot of it and in silence too!
There's a part where there's a devil/demon in a hill and the ambient sound is a killer too.

So on to some good stuff, the effects are great for the budget, apparently set up just using some marshmallow and food colourings etc.
I always marvel at the creativeness of micro budget films for using alternative methods for things done these are the things that score extra points on these films in my books.
Sometimes I wish Hollywood would take a look and return to more practical effects for some things. Not all things just so more of the little things can be done effectively in a cost efficient way.

Justin Thompson's scenes are funny and no I'm not just saying this because I know him. The guys genuinely funny even in real life, so when he's putting an effort in its even better.
This guy deserves a Netflix special for himself, for sure. So is this a good film?
Sorry no due to all the faults and I know this is because of unforeseeable accidents and mother nature herself. A bit more editing, reshoots etc would help this exponentially. As the ideas here are good ones.
It's not your average zombie apocalypse story it's authentic and from a point of view I've personally never seen before. I liked that, A LOT.
So even for its flaws THN is awarding this film 2 out of 5 stars for efforts and ideas. It's something I'd like to see done right with a bigger budget almost certainly!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

THN News: Critters, Returning?

I'm a bit late with this but I have to report it, you all know I'm a massive franchise fan. If your horror movie series has over 2 sequels I love it even if it's shit.
I'm looking at you puppet master, seriously though franchises give you something to invest in which is your time. If you give something that time you invariably grow to love it.
So the Krites are returning it was 1992 the last time we seen them. With Charlie having been jettisoned into outer space with the only 2 remaining eggs. Frozen he was found by a gang of mostly lovable rogues, of course it goes bad and the crew as they hatch and spawn more.
Small furballs standing at the most 1 foot high with terrifying red eyes. A razor maw of sharp teeth capable of piranha like eating and the ability to shoot paralyzing darts from their back makes them quite formidable foes.

Like many I'm surprised to see these returning before Gremlins. Everyone's been crying out for a 3rd film for so long, but it is only a TV show.
It will be on a advertisement streaming serving called go90 from Verizon, when the UK will get it and on where I don't know, as soon as I do I'll update you all.

It's going to see in modern times with as far as I can see no ties to the original films. It will see the critters Returning to earth in some rural American state to find one of their number left behind. Sounds a bit odd that they would have been here already and left one behind but we'll see how it goes. They will then terrorise a group of school kids in the mean time.

Of course we would all love to see Don Keith Opper return as Charlie but he threw in the acting towel in late 2005. On the plus side his brother who was involved with the films and this project may be able to twist his arm perhaps?
So not a lot to go on be sure I'll be bringing you any more news and reviews on this as I find out more!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Review: Creepshow 3 (2006)

Stars: Kris Allen, Magi Avila

Budget: $3.5 million

Directed By: Ana Clavell, James Dudelson

Sigh okay so we got a third movie in the series. Why do I sigh?
Because this is the dip in the series, even for a anthology lover like me. This creepshow is not like the others. It's less comic style and more just standard film style like any other anthology.

Though one thing this does do in it's difference is to link the stories together. Some of the character from one story will interact with others from one of the other stories.
This is redeeming as it's a new direction possibly to inject something new into the series.

The film is five stories like the first one again which i also appreciated. The only problem is they feel like things i've seen before in something like outer limits or twilight zone. Remotes that can freeze time or a person who might be a robot really. Lets get on with the each segment in my breakdown:

This shit is confusing Alice a young girl with an attitude problem comes home to see her father messing around with some kind of remote control. This like so many sci-fi trope is able to change/control aspects of time/space, but not only that it's able to change other things like skin colour etc. The remote has been given to them from someone from another of the segments a scientist down the road. Well each press makes Alice mutate 'show her true ugly form' until her family finally notice just how ugly she is inside. Then the scientist turns her into a small white rabbit at the end.

Rachel The Call Girl:
Possibly one of my favourites of the five and a nice little twist that made me laugh too. A guy (Victor) hires a hooker/call girl (Rachel) to entertain him for the night, only shocker! Shes a murderer. She secures Victor to the bed kills him, then sticks a pillow over his face.
After cleaning herself off she hears his voice saying she killed him, removing the pillow we see Victor is a massive mouthed vampire of some kind, in a twist he then kills her. Placing her corpse with the occupants of the house who he has also killed.

Professors Wife:
Another reasonably funny one but again something i've seen in many other things before, someone seems better than they should be so their a robot right?
Two students go see their professor who has seemingly married a really beautiful woman much better than anyone would have though he could get. The professor is also brilliant in robotics and she also seems very methodical in her actions.
They end up accidentally murdering her looking for cybernetic parts in her body.
Rachel is also seen in this one.

The Radio:
A security guard buys a replacement from the tramp from the haunted dog, the radio tells him to kill people untill he gets to be with a woman he really likes. The radio warns him to kill her but he doesn't as he loves her, she does indeed end up killing him with the gun he's killed others.
She is immediately shot and killed by a pimp from the guys building who then goes back to his car where a radio is also telling him to do things. We see Rachel in this one and the two guys from the professors wife too.

The Haunted Dog:
A doctor doing some kind of community service in a free clinic where he is excessively rude to all of his patients. Karma however bits him in the ass when he one day goes to get a hot-dog from a street vendor dropping the dog he gives the filthy food to a tramp who often troubles him.
He dies and comes back to haunt the doctor, muttering the woods thanks for the dog, or something along those lines. It gives me de-ja-vu from Creepshow 2 thanks for the ride lady from the hitch-hiker. This one also ties a lot of the other stories together too, anyway the doctor gets scared to death.
The hotdog cart guy ends up being the creep too at the end.

If you like anthology films like me and have seen the others you'll want to complete the trilogy and see this otherwise really only watch it if theres nothing else around at the time. THN scores Creepshow 3 a 2 out of 5 stars.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Review: Creepshow 2 (1987)

Stars: Lois Chiles, Tom Savini

Budget: $3.5 Million

Directed By: Micheal Gornick

The second film of one of my favourite anthology series's Based off Stephen King stories this one was directed by Micheal Gornick instead of Romero.

This one is almost exactly the same in tone, comedy horror with the first segment 'old chief wooden head' probably being the most serious of the three.
Notice i say three there, this offering only gives us 3 complete stories. There is like the first one a prologue and epilogue, though also in between each segment we have a an interlude too continue the prologue but mostly to introduce the next story.

There was supposed to be two other segments though they were cut for both budgetary and time restraints. Though Billed as a star Tom Savini plays the Creep but for only a few brief minutes before the segment turns into cartoons and is then voiced by a different actor.

A young boy with the same name as the kid from the first, though it is not stated he is the same kid at all, travels on his bike to the back of a truck where the shutter flies up and reveals the creep. He is dressed as a delivery guy and throws out a brown paper parcel. It starts to unwrap itself as the live action dissolves into cartoon instead where the delivery guy reveals his identity. He then proceeds to introduce the first proper segment as Billy reads.

Old Chief Wooden Head:
In a town thats still kind of back water with old tensions still between native americans and whites are still tense two old people own an old store. The town is dying out slowly and the owners of the general store are thinking of retiring themselves.
The store is decorated by an old wooden indian used for advertising many years ago. The couple are called Ray and Martha, they are pleasantly surprised to get a visit from an old Indian friend Elder Benjamin. He comes bearing a gift for them, turquoise jewelry as his tribe are indebted to Ray for help he has given them in hard times. Given the valuables until his tribe can pay back the debt they owe the two Benjamin leaves but not before nodding farewell to the wooden statue.
Not long after Sam, Benjamins nephew along with two of his friends, fatstuff and Andy bust into the shop and subject the two to a robbery. However once he demands the jewelry that his uncle left with them the two decline to hand it over. Sam is very vain and says he wants it to make money so he can get to Hollywood and become famous.
In a scuffle both Ray and Martha are fatally wounded by Sams shotgun, the three of them after taking the jewelry and money leave the crime scene. Chief Woodenhead comes to life and then starts to kill the thugs one by one. I won't spoil any further just to say this is the most serious out of the three stories with little to no comedic elements, rightly so as the two old folk are brutally murdered by the three thugs, a good story though.

-Interlude 1-
Billy finishes reading old Chief Woodenhead and then grabs a package addressed to him from the local post office, despite the protestations of the clerk. He replies the package contains a Venus flytrap to which he rolls his eyes at.

The Raft:
Randy and his three friends Deke, Lavern and Rachel all college students find themselves a lake that just so happens to have one of those white floating rafts out from shore. They all decide to swim out there and party it up a little. Rachel is however grabbed and consumed by the 'blob like' floating black good that looks like an oil slick (which she pokes repeatedly)
Terrified the teens argue for a while upon the raft before Deke the more athletic and stronger of him and Randy decides to try for a swim ashore. Before he can however the mass seeps up through the crack in the boards of the raft and pull him through the planks consuming him too.
Then in one of the most stupidest moves ever (after dodging the blob by not standing on the cracks) both Lavern and Randy fall asleep on the deck. Yeah fall asleep with the cracks and a giant blob tar monster that's clever etc!
Well anyway Randy wakes up suddenly realising they fell asleep and for some unknown reason starts to fondle the sleeping Lavern. We see it may have been a ploy for the creature to attack Lavern to give Randy time to escape as Lavern wakes up screaming with the blob attached to her face.
Randy leaps from the raft and begins his swim back to shore, does he make it?
Well you'll have to watch the film to find out!

-Interlude 2-
Billy is seen and chased by the local bully who grabs his box and rips it open seeing the bulb for the plant inside he throws it to the ground and crushes it underfoot. Billy having thrown to the ground manages to get a swift kick into Rhino's nuts and escapes from the gang.

The Hitcher-hiker:
An older business woman awakes next to man, Mrs Lansing, who by her speaking to herself we realise has been cheating on her husband with a gigolo. Seeing it is late she quickly leaves so she can be home before her husband gets back.
Flying down the road at high speed she fails to see a hitch-hiker thumbing for a lift as shes pruning herself in the rear-view mirror. The unlucky man is knocked over and killed instantly, in fear and also the want to get home she just leaves his corpse by the roadside.
Pulling over a little while away from the accident Mrs Lansing thinks she may have gotten away with it, not worrying about the consequences. Suddenly the hiker pops up by her window claiming "thanks for the ride lady!" He keeps repeating this throughout the segment, no matter how mashed he gets.
No matter where she drives though the hitcher keeps reappearing eve when she continuously keeps running him over. He keeps coming back more and more mutilated each time. Does Mrs Lansing make it home before her husband notices or the hitcher kills her?
You'll have to watch it and see!

Billy makes the gang follow him for a while until they reach an abandoned junk yard where Billy has a surprise waiting for them!

Overall and considering this was the first one of the trilogy i watched so that make me biased somewhat I like the second creepshow just a tiny bit more than the first one but still it has some flaws like i explained in the raft one, so THN awards Creepshow 2, 4 out of 5 stars

Friday, 24 November 2017

Review: Creepshow (1982)

Stars: Stephen King, Leslie Nielsen

Budget: $8 million

Directed By: George A. Romero

I may have mentioned it just a few times, probably not enough for you folks to pick up on that I like me a good old anthology story film.
3 or more spooky tales upon one film brings a smile to my face.

Maybe i'm just tricked into thinking that i'm getting more for my time or money. More than likely it's due to the fact that I don't have commit myself to one thing taking up 90+ minutes of my time.
I can instead watch anywhere from 3 thirty minute shorts to 5 or 6 15-20 minute shorts instead.

Creepshow is one of the best to do this genre, along side body bags etc. Creepshow however hearkens back and takes it's inspiration from the old horror anthology comics of our past like tales from the crypt etc.

This also features a plethora of well known actors and cameo's. From the  Comedic, Leslie Nielson, Ted Danson and many others.

Theres five stories in total started and ended by a prologue and epilogue, i'll explain about one and give the film it's over all rating at the end:

A young kid named is told off by his father for reading what he believes to be trashy horror comics and is grounded, in his bedroom Billy see's the creeper who beckons him on a journey.

1. Fathers Day:
When a daughter, elderly herself plus mentally unstable due to her fathers constant nagging, demands and put downs (which we see in flashbacks) kills her father on fathers day after his constant demands for a fathers day cake.
The rest of the family descend on the house like vultures when his fortune is to be shared out. The daughter (Bedalia) we see is drunk and shouting at her fathers gravestone. Her rotten fathers corpse sudden pulls itself from the grave much to her horror. He starts asking for his cake again over and over, he kills everyone one by one until he gets his cake, in a most frightful way!

2. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill:
Jordy (played by King) is a down and out loser with not to much in the brains department comes across a meteorite on his travels. Thinking he'll be able to sell it to the local college for study for enough to cover his $200 bank loan tries to grab it but it's to hot to handle.
when he douses it with water the thing cracks open exuding a green goo that he touches, unfortunately to Jordy he now thinks the thing will be worthless. He starts to itch and very soon a weird green growth starts growing on him, in dream sequences both the doctor and his father scold him for being stupid or not to take a bath.
When he can't bare the green growth anymore he does take a bath and despite it feeling good initially later on he's seen pretty overgrown with the stuff. In one last attempt to do something right Jordy sticks a shotgun to his head...

3. Something to Tide You Over:
When a husband (Nielsen) finds out his wife is cheating on him he hatches a plot to kill her and her lover. Luring them both to his house one by one he then takes them to the beach and burries them up to the neck with the tide rushing in.
Both of them drown but when the husband thinks all is done the soggy fish eaten zombies come back from the grave to exact revenge against him!

4. The Crate:
Probably one of the scariest shorts of the whole film, when a freaky hundred or so year old crate is found under some stairs in a college. Of the two one of the guys gets murdered brutally and gory by it's occupant. The other one escapes to tell someone only for them to be murdered too.
He then goes to his close friend another university professor, he however thinks his friend has murdered these people in some weird turn of sanity and tries to clean up the mess. The professor see's this crate as a way to kill his loudmouthed braggart of a wife. Once the deed is done he secures the crate with chains and dumps it in a lake, is the beast dead?

5. They're Creeping Up on You:
A rich tycoon afraid of dirt bugs and germs does everything he can to keep himself in a clean, sterile area. He achieves this by paying a lot for a room that's sealed and pumped full of sterile air.
It's monitored by security and one night when the power goes off his nightmare truly begins, Cockroaches start appearing out of every hole. From the sinks, ventilation and anywhere else they can squeeze in through. Making his way to his panic room he dies of shock when he see's it too is full of cockroaches. When the lights come back on however, not a trace of cockroach

Aaah young Billy hasn't been idle while we've been away he has gone to the pages of the comic where you can buy assorted things like x-ray specs, young Billy has bought himself a voodoo doll to exact some revenge on his father.

truly one of the best anthology films you can get your hands on THN awards Creepshow  4 out of 5 stars