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Review: Creepshow 2 (1987)

Stars: Lois Chiles, Tom Savini

Budget: $3.5 Million

Directed By: Micheal Gornick

The second film of one of my favourite anthology series's Based off Stephen King stories this one was directed by Micheal Gornick instead of Romero.

This one is almost exactly the same in tone, comedy horror with the first segment 'old chief wooden head' probably being the most serious of the three.
Notice i say three there, this offering only gives us 3 complete stories. There is like the first one a prologue and epilogue, though also in between each segment we have a an interlude too continue the prologue but mostly to introduce the next story.

There was supposed to be two other segments though they were cut for both budgetary and time restraints. Though Billed as a star Tom Savini plays the Creep but for only a few brief minutes before the segment turns into cartoons and is then voiced by a different actor.

A young boy with the same name as the kid from the first, though it is not stated he is the same kid at all, travels on his bike to the back of a truck where the shutter flies up and reveals the creep. He is dressed as a delivery guy and throws out a brown paper parcel. It starts to unwrap itself as the live action dissolves into cartoon instead where the delivery guy reveals his identity. He then proceeds to introduce the first proper segment as Billy reads.

Old Chief Wooden Head:
In a town thats still kind of back water with old tensions still between native americans and whites are still tense two old people own an old store. The town is dying out slowly and the owners of the general store are thinking of retiring themselves.
The store is decorated by an old wooden indian used for advertising many years ago. The couple are called Ray and Martha, they are pleasantly surprised to get a visit from an old Indian friend Elder Benjamin. He comes bearing a gift for them, turquoise jewelry as his tribe are indebted to Ray for help he has given them in hard times. Given the valuables until his tribe can pay back the debt they owe the two Benjamin leaves but not before nodding farewell to the wooden statue.
Not long after Sam, Benjamins nephew along with two of his friends, fatstuff and Andy bust into the shop and subject the two to a robbery. However once he demands the jewelry that his uncle left with them the two decline to hand it over. Sam is very vain and says he wants it to make money so he can get to Hollywood and become famous.
In a scuffle both Ray and Martha are fatally wounded by Sams shotgun, the three of them after taking the jewelry and money leave the crime scene. Chief Woodenhead comes to life and then starts to kill the thugs one by one. I won't spoil any further just to say this is the most serious out of the three stories with little to no comedic elements, rightly so as the two old folk are brutally murdered by the three thugs, a good story though.

-Interlude 1-
Billy finishes reading old Chief Woodenhead and then grabs a package addressed to him from the local post office, despite the protestations of the clerk. He replies the package contains a Venus flytrap to which he rolls his eyes at.

The Raft:
Randy and his three friends Deke, Lavern and Rachel all college students find themselves a lake that just so happens to have one of those white floating rafts out from shore. They all decide to swim out there and party it up a little. Rachel is however grabbed and consumed by the 'blob like' floating black good that looks like an oil slick (which she pokes repeatedly)
Terrified the teens argue for a while upon the raft before Deke the more athletic and stronger of him and Randy decides to try for a swim ashore. Before he can however the mass seeps up through the crack in the boards of the raft and pull him through the planks consuming him too.
Then in one of the most stupidest moves ever (after dodging the blob by not standing on the cracks) both Lavern and Randy fall asleep on the deck. Yeah fall asleep with the cracks and a giant blob tar monster that's clever etc!
Well anyway Randy wakes up suddenly realising they fell asleep and for some unknown reason starts to fondle the sleeping Lavern. We see it may have been a ploy for the creature to attack Lavern to give Randy time to escape as Lavern wakes up screaming with the blob attached to her face.
Randy leaps from the raft and begins his swim back to shore, does he make it?
Well you'll have to watch the film to find out!

-Interlude 2-
Billy is seen and chased by the local bully who grabs his box and rips it open seeing the bulb for the plant inside he throws it to the ground and crushes it underfoot. Billy having thrown to the ground manages to get a swift kick into Rhino's nuts and escapes from the gang.

The Hitcher-hiker:
An older business woman awakes next to man, Mrs Lansing, who by her speaking to herself we realise has been cheating on her husband with a gigolo. Seeing it is late she quickly leaves so she can be home before her husband gets back.
Flying down the road at high speed she fails to see a hitch-hiker thumbing for a lift as shes pruning herself in the rear-view mirror. The unlucky man is knocked over and killed instantly, in fear and also the want to get home she just leaves his corpse by the roadside.
Pulling over a little while away from the accident Mrs Lansing thinks she may have gotten away with it, not worrying about the consequences. Suddenly the hiker pops up by her window claiming "thanks for the ride lady!" He keeps repeating this throughout the segment, no matter how mashed he gets.
No matter where she drives though the hitcher keeps reappearing eve when she continuously keeps running him over. He keeps coming back more and more mutilated each time. Does Mrs Lansing make it home before her husband notices or the hitcher kills her?
You'll have to watch it and see!

Billy makes the gang follow him for a while until they reach an abandoned junk yard where Billy has a surprise waiting for them!

Overall and considering this was the first one of the trilogy i watched so that make me biased somewhat I like the second creepshow just a tiny bit more than the first one but still it has some flaws like i explained in the raft one, so THN awards Creepshow 2, 4 out of 5 stars

Friday, 24 November 2017

Review: Creepshow (1982)

Stars: Stephen King, Leslie Nielsen

Budget: $8 million

Directed By: George A. Romero

I may have mentioned it just a few times, probably not enough for you folks to pick up on that I like me a good old anthology story film.
3 or more spooky tales upon one film brings a smile to my face.

Maybe i'm just tricked into thinking that i'm getting more for my time or money. More than likely it's due to the fact that I don't have commit myself to one thing taking up 90+ minutes of my time.
I can instead watch anywhere from 3 thirty minute shorts to 5 or 6 15-20 minute shorts instead.

Creepshow is one of the best to do this genre, along side body bags etc. Creepshow however hearkens back and takes it's inspiration from the old horror anthology comics of our past like tales from the crypt etc.

This also features a plethora of well known actors and cameo's. From the  Comedic, Leslie Nielson, Ted Danson and many others.

Theres five stories in total started and ended by a prologue and epilogue, i'll explain about one and give the film it's over all rating at the end:

A young kid named is told off by his father for reading what he believes to be trashy horror comics and is grounded, in his bedroom Billy see's the creeper who beckons him on a journey.

1. Fathers Day:
When a daughter, elderly herself plus mentally unstable due to her fathers constant nagging, demands and put downs (which we see in flashbacks) kills her father on fathers day after his constant demands for a fathers day cake.
The rest of the family descend on the house like vultures when his fortune is to be shared out. The daughter (Bedalia) we see is drunk and shouting at her fathers gravestone. Her rotten fathers corpse sudden pulls itself from the grave much to her horror. He starts asking for his cake again over and over, he kills everyone one by one until he gets his cake, in a most frightful way!

2. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill:
Jordy (played by King) is a down and out loser with not to much in the brains department comes across a meteorite on his travels. Thinking he'll be able to sell it to the local college for study for enough to cover his $200 bank loan tries to grab it but it's to hot to handle.
when he douses it with water the thing cracks open exuding a green goo that he touches, unfortunately to Jordy he now thinks the thing will be worthless. He starts to itch and very soon a weird green growth starts growing on him, in dream sequences both the doctor and his father scold him for being stupid or not to take a bath.
When he can't bare the green growth anymore he does take a bath and despite it feeling good initially later on he's seen pretty overgrown with the stuff. In one last attempt to do something right Jordy sticks a shotgun to his head...

3. Something to Tide You Over:
When a husband (Nielsen) finds out his wife is cheating on him he hatches a plot to kill her and her lover. Luring them both to his house one by one he then takes them to the beach and burries them up to the neck with the tide rushing in.
Both of them drown but when the husband thinks all is done the soggy fish eaten zombies come back from the grave to exact revenge against him!

4. The Crate:
Probably one of the scariest shorts of the whole film, when a freaky hundred or so year old crate is found under some stairs in a college. Of the two one of the guys gets murdered brutally and gory by it's occupant. The other one escapes to tell someone only for them to be murdered too.
He then goes to his close friend another university professor, he however thinks his friend has murdered these people in some weird turn of sanity and tries to clean up the mess. The professor see's this crate as a way to kill his loudmouthed braggart of a wife. Once the deed is done he secures the crate with chains and dumps it in a lake, is the beast dead?

5. They're Creeping Up on You:
A rich tycoon afraid of dirt bugs and germs does everything he can to keep himself in a clean, sterile area. He achieves this by paying a lot for a room that's sealed and pumped full of sterile air.
It's monitored by security and one night when the power goes off his nightmare truly begins, Cockroaches start appearing out of every hole. From the sinks, ventilation and anywhere else they can squeeze in through. Making his way to his panic room he dies of shock when he see's it too is full of cockroaches. When the lights come back on however, not a trace of cockroach

Aaah young Billy hasn't been idle while we've been away he has gone to the pages of the comic where you can buy assorted things like x-ray specs, young Billy has bought himself a voodoo doll to exact some revenge on his father.

truly one of the best anthology films you can get your hands on THN awards Creepshow  4 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Review: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Stars: David Koachner, Tye Sheridan

Budget: $15 Million

Directed By: Christopher Landon

Why is it these lower budget comedy horrors do so much right? Sometimes close or far from perfect, despite that seem to do something that bigger budget films often miss. That and the fact comedy works so well in the zombie genre too.

I stumbled across this on Netflix last night and thought i'd give it go, i'm glad I did. Recognizing the ginger kid (Joey Morgan) from other things and of course David Koachner.
The effects are great for a middling budget film and the story-line/zombie outbreak are both great and explained to the point that are more than satisfactory for a film of this calibre.

There's great acting and brilliant chemistry between the lead characters too. Also yes for an age 15 rated film some nice boobies and rude jokes too, but i'll get to them a little later on. The nudity is of course done as tongue in cheek cliche with both horny teens and having nudity in a horror film as a staple. So lets get on with the spoilery bits and explain a bit about the film!

We start the movie with our explanation of the zombie virus with an amusing musical number by some sort of janitor at a biological research centre. It's not long before he cocks up accidentally killing some infected comatose guy, of course this guy has the zombie virus in him. He's killed by the hulking great man and comes back as a flesh eater himself, he then kills the doctor who was on late too. We then join scout leader Rogers, his three scouts, Ben, Carter and Augie trying to recruit some new people for the scout group. They show a rather drab VHS 80's type recruitment tape which even fails to impress the single nerdy kid that has shown up!

We swiftly learn that even Ben and Carter are having second thoughts about still being a scout too, though they still agree to join Augie on a trip to receive his newest badge. Deciding that they will break the news after he gets done with his badge Ben and Carter leave in a car.
While talking about things they are going to do instead of being scouts and the future, not looking where he's going they hit a deer with the car.
Not long after Carters Sister and some of her friends stop by them in their jeep. Ben has secretly had a long time crush on her, the boys in the jeep think it's cool that they hit a deer and invite them to a senior party. Once the others leave Ben realises the deer has disappeared but they all dismiss it.

Now convinced to blow off even Augies badge ceremony Ben and Carter try to get some beer for the party. Their first choice a weird crazy homeless man doesn't go to well as he tries buying an assortment of weird items. When an older girl they've both heard about that works at a nearby strip club walks out of the shop and her bag strap breaks Ben manages to fix it for her.
They chat and get along well so she goes in takes the money from the guy and buys them their beer for the party.
Meanwhile we see scout leader Rogers making his way towards the camp to be there for when the boys show up. He is however attacks by the now zombiefied deer the boys hit earlier, amazingly he manages to dispatch it with his favorite Dolly Parton knife.
Unfortunately he is then taken out by one of the other zombie people from the original lab outbreak.

Ben and Carter decide on ditching the badge ceremony when Augie is asleep and going to the party they've been invited too. Ben feels guilty as they've had a good day with Augie beforehand, though they did find it odd that master Rogers never turned up.
As they sneak off leaving Augie asleep in the tent they are shocked when the lad suddenly appears before them a distance into the forest. Ben tries to apologize to him but they have an arguement and leave him on bad terms. Both of the boys drive into town to change for the party, they however get sidetracked by the disappearance of the bouncer from the from of the strip club.
Inside they are treated to an erotic dance by a dancer who turns out to be a zombie when they see her neck all torn apart. The bouncer also bursts in attacking, they are saved by a shotgun wielding Denise, they girl from earlier who Ben helped.

They make it back into town an find out everyone who hasn't been turned has been evacuated by the army. Except the senior party and them as they were/are both miles away in secluded places. The three of them are then chased into the back of a police precinct where they have to lock themselves in a cell to escape being eaten.
While this has been happening Augie has gone to look for Master Rogers at his house, entering it we see it's like a shrine to Dolly Parton. This could have been expanded upon and feel like it was meant to be a bigger joke than it was. Augie is attacked by the zombified Rogers but he manages to stop him and set him on fire too before escaping.
Still in the cell the other three are surprised when music start playing outside and all the zombies leave to investigate the new sound. After a failed attempt to retrieve some keys to open the cell Augie comes in and sets them free anyway. The foursome now get a car and escape to the freeway, though very soon they out of fuel.

They are saved by an army guy in a Humvee Corporal Reeves, They decide to go and see if the party people have been a fake address, no surprise there!
Unfortunately the Corporal appears to have been bitten some time prior to meeting them and turns attacking Denise in the vehicle. The boys try to help her in a bumbling way until she breaks free herself and destroys Reeves head with the door of the Humvee.
Hearing about the town in going to be bombed on the radio Carter tells them that his sisters diary may well have the real address for the party. Heroically they all decide to go back to help the people who dissed them. While at Carters house Denise teaches Ben how to be relaxed around women and how to kiss. The others however are attacked by a zombie granny downstairs who thankfully due to no teeth only gums one of their bottoms.
While escaping via a trampoline outside the window Ben finally spots the diary and only just manages to escape because of it (to extremely funny consequences). Getting back in a car they knock over master Rogers doing even more damage to him. Some more zombie hilarity happens in the form of dancing to Brittany Spears with a bunch of them, then Denise finds a dirt bike which she thinks is a better idea to split up so she can go try and deter the army from bombing them.

The three of them alone now go to a hardware store and using their accumulated scout knowledge use it to make zombie killing weapons. They head to the party just as zombie attack too, going on a z-killing spree they save as many people as they can. Ben even saving Carters sister.
I'll leave it there as there is still a nice tense scene towards the end of here that I don't want to spoil, also the film is a decent one that I don't want to spoil either. SGTTZA garners a decent 3 out of 5 with a high recommendation to watch.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Review: Cult of Chucky (2017)

Stars: Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif

Budget: unknown

Directed By: Don Mancini

Great! A return to a franchise, no reboot, no re-imagining a PROPER sequel. This is what i want to see from all my favourite horror franchises.
I've recently learned jeepers creepers 3 is out too so that'll be next too!

So yes this continues from the end of the last in the series, curse of Chucky. Nica is in a mental asylum, made to believe she was responsible for the murder of everyone from curse.
We even see Andy Barclay! Back from his cameo at the end of curse too.

Andy is on a date he seems to not have luck with the ladies as many people know or have looked up who he is online. With his bloody past and collection of guns he scares off potential girlfriends.
The woman he's on a date with has of course looked him up on google, Andy tries to explains but just seems to dig himself a deeper hole, this ends up with her leaving the restaurant. Leaving himself Andy drives up to his wooden house (seemingly in the middle of nowhere) Entering the house we see him ponder over the massive armory of guns he has locked away. Then going over to a hidden safe he opens it revealing the original Chucky's head nailed to a plank of wood.
It's got nails etc hammer into it and a large chunk missing where Andy shot him in the after credits scene of the last movie, taunting the head and lighting up a joint he sits back with Chucky asking for a hit of the weed. After actually letting him take a hit Chucky tries to bit his fingers, missing him, Andy gets angry and starts torturing him with a blow torch.

The screams etc morph into us seeing Nica on a table receiving shock treatment. She does however get transferred to a medium security asylum by Dr Foley who looks after her. The orderly who initially helps her seems to be stand offishly nice despite not liking what she's been committed for, he leaves her some juicy fruit gum.
She goes on a trip of the asylum and in the day room she is greeted by another patient who thinks she's ghost, Nica is then saved by Micheal who seems normal to begin with. Swapping a stick of gum for a cigarette the two of them are quickly having sex a little later in a stairwell!

A little later they are in a group therapy session where Nica, Micheal, Dr Foley, Angela (the ghost lady). We are also joined by Claire and Madeleine, Claire dislikes Nica for what she's done despite being an arsonist herself and Madeleine has lost a child.
Nica does feel extremely bad about what she's done though, which she expresses a lot to anyone, despite her not actually doing it as well. Dr Foley introduces a a good guy doll to the group which he thinks will help them deal. Micheal also sticks up for Nica when Claire starts on her about her crimes, Madeleine seems to adopt the doll as a surrogate baby.

Tiffany also ends up visiting Nica too, it's funny she brings up that she looks like Jennifer Tilly, she ends up telling her that her niece is dead. Just before she leaves another good guy doll with a distraught Nica too. In the night Chucky comes to life and steals a scalpel to kill Nica with, however heavily depressed from the news of her niece Nica has broken a wheelchair spoke and tried to cut her wrists with it.
Chucky see's this and just she passes out Nica also see's him as a blurry image, she wakes up in the morning and her wrist has been stitched up. Angela however has been made to look like she has committed suicide, after messages wrote in both her's and Angela's blood.
Nica finds out that Tiffany's last name is Valentine, which she works out was Charles Lee Rays girlfriend. This makes her believe that Chucky is back even more, realising the doll is him she thinks that Madeleine mat be in trouble while she is possession of the doll.

When Nica helps Micheal follow Madeleine outside to make sure she is safe Nica see's outside that Madeleine pushes Micheal into a dug grave after throws her Chucky doll in there. They save Micheal from the hole but it looks like he's been possessed by Chucky while he was in there, he even tells them to refer to him as Charles.
Claire tries to get of the other doll but suddenly starts to believe Nica after the doll bites her on the arm, Dr Foley and the orderlies end up sedating her when she goes mad over the doll. Awake but unable to move Claire watches in terror as Chucky comes in taunting her and uses a pressurized air can to smash a skylight above her. The shards of glass rain down upon her, a particularly large piece severs her head from her body too.
In a regression session we see that Dr Foley has been inappropriately touching Nica while she's been under, sickened and impressed with him Chucky knocks him out with a glass and tries to make Nica kill him.

Madeleine smoothers her good guy doll, we find out she had killed her baby because it was crying so much. They end up burying the doll to help come to terms with what she's done. Andy ends up learning about the killings online too and devises a plan to get into the asylum himself to try and help rescue Nica.

Now i'm going to end here despite theres a good portion of the film left, as a sequel to a franchise i love it. Theres some flaws of course, the pacing seems a little off at times and the whole new possession thing, which i won't spoil any further, you'll see.
The practical effects are great though like back to the old times of filming, some of the CGI can be a little odd looking (on the faces) aside from that I loved it. It's strides better than seed and just as good as a follow up to curse. The film doesn't mess with continuity either it follows every strand (well almost) from all the other films nicely, Oh and watch out for that after credits secret!!!

So THN awards Cult of Chucky 4 out of 5 stars.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Review: Child's Play (1988)

Stars: Brad Dourif, Chris Sarandon

Budget: $9 Million

Directed By: Tom Holland

Oh child's play you know I looooove horror franchises, especially if they star some kind of weird homicidal killer. Be that a drowned retarded boy, a Shatner masked mentally disturbed brother or a guy who kills you in your sleep.
I am just a massive sucker for a series I can just stick on and watch start to finish for a good few hours of my life.

Running from the police Charles Lee Ray a serial killer escapes to a department store. When he is shot by detective Norris his partner escapes leaving him to bleed out. Before he dies however Charles manages to transfer his soul into a good guy doll.
As the spell completes a bolt of lightening levels the shop. Norris then discovers the corpse of Charles believing the killer has just bled out from his wound.

The next day we meet Andy Barclays mum who seems like a very hard worker just to keep her and her son with a home and fed. Andy has wanted a Good Guy doll, Karen manages to find one from a homeless guy for Andy.
The next night While Andy is being babysat once he goes to bed the sitter is attacked by the doll, proclaiming he's called Chucky now. After she is hit in the face by a hammer then falls from the window to her death. Detective Norris comes on the case and seems to think Andy may have had something to do with her death. His mother Karen balks at this idea and puts Andy to bed.

The next day Chucky forces Andy to take a train downtown so he can sort out one of his old friends, very same guy that left him to die in the store. Chucky sabotages his his cooker which causes it to explode and kill his ex-partner. Despite her misgivings as it's her son, Karen is powerless when the police section Andy in a mental hospital.
Karen very soon realises that the doll never had it's batteries put in from the get go, quickly she believes Andy's story. She goes to check out Chucky who comes to life in her hands and begins to fight her, biting kicking and kicking her.

Though he just escapes from Karen, going to the police she tries to make detective Norris believe the story, even showing him the bite mark. He doesn't believe her until he's attacked and nearly killed a number of times in his car by Chucky himself.
Chucky goes to his old voodoo friend who taught him the tricks of the trade, since he was able to bleed in doll form he's worried. Rightly so too as he's told being inside the doll for to long it will become more and more human until his soul becomes totally trapped inside it.
It is revealed he must transfer his soul to the first person he told his secret too or he will never be human again. Chucky kills his teacher when he refuses to help him, Karen and Norris show up just in time for the man to tell them he can be killed by his heart which is now totally human.

Chucky shows up at the mental hospital to try and get to Andy, the kid manages to trick the doll long enough to escape. He's unfortunately caught by Dr Ardmore he tries to sedate Andy unsuccessfully, he's then killed by Chucky with the electroshock gear.
Andy somehow makes it home only to be knocked out by Chucky with a baseball bat suddenly. He begins to cast the spell to transfer his soul and nearly completes it too before Karen and Norris get back to stop him. They manage to set fire to Chucky and think he's dead once he ends up an almost charred lump of plastic. Karen manages to shoot off Chucky's head, leg and arm, the rest of the police up to help then. Chucky's body is no where to be found proving he's still not dead, only for the burnt crazily mutilated doll to attack again.

As always i'll leave it there as THN doesn't spoil endings so we'll leave it there, this film was and still is a masterpiece of suspense. you hardly see the doll for a good portion of the film and just see from his perspective, this was a brilliant way to make the film more eerie back then. The films did lose that flair in the sequels which quickly devolved into more comedy horror as time went by, those reviews are for another day though. THN proudly awards Child's Play a maximum score of 5 out of 5!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Review: Stephen King's IT (2017)

Stars: Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard

Budget: $35 million

Directed By: Andy Muschietti

So we finally get the redo of the 90s
adaptation of one of Stephen King's
greatest books IT. People were very
weary of this due to a number of reasons.
A few being the initial look of Pennywise,
rose tinted glasses over the original and just
plain old it's a horror movie being made
in this day and age so is it going to be any

Right off the bat I will say this is going to include
spoilers for the movie so if you want to stop
reading here I'll just say this in short:
It's a great film with awesome coming of age
aspects, amazing kid acting seriously some of
the best I've seen, brilliant setting, they pull off
the 80s perfectly. The 135 minute running time
goes so fast it does leave you wanting more,
additionally they wait time we have till the
sequel considering it's not even cast as of now
is bad as I want more!

Now the bad stuff, the actual horror is VERY
hit and miss as in it works 50% of the time
well, the other 50% it's a little to goofy and
yes silly CGI. Goofy? I hear you cry? But he's
a clown surely it's meant to be silly?
Yes I get that and Pennywise is awesome in this sorry Tim Curry for blasphemy but you were best aspect of the 90s version you know that! But when as mentioned you get some silly CGI rotting guy, what happens to Georgie or headless boy wobbling at you it just seems so I don't know removed from the rest of the story. Now don't get me wrong this doesn't mean it's not needed I just think that could have been done practically for the guy and looked better, also a little less comically for the boy, Georgie is to spoilery to add here. With a modest budget it had some more practical effects would  I have been nicer. I'm sure this isn't spoiling anything as it's not in context but when you do see it I'm sure you'll agree.

Now on with the spoilers I'm going to be breaking down the film here so don't read on any further unless you want to know more about the film!

The film starts with the typical opening of Bill making his little brother Georgie a paper boat to take advantage of the heavy rain outside. He sends his little brother to get sealing wax from the basement (their mother is playing so really tune in the pain too) Georgie is clearly scared and does does get freaked out but conquers his fears with a torch.
Completing the boat for his brother Bill watches as Georgie gleefully run's from the house to use his new toy. Unfortunately after a bump on the head Georgie is unable to keep up with the boat and it flows into a street drain. He is then greeted by a very dribbling freaky looking Pennywise, was so amusing to hear so many people gasp and squeal at this I just though it was funny because being afraid of clowns is just absurd to me at least. I did love his design and can see why people would be scared though.
Pennywise gains Georgie's trust through talking about fun things (an old woman comes out to see the rain and sees the kid kneeling at the drain eluding to the fact the townsfolk know that there's something going on with the town) luring him closer to the drain with the boat he then proceeds to bite Georgie's arm off.
Now this was shocking as it's a kid and you see him trying to crawl away in pain missing an arm, here's one thing though was it needed? I think just in my opinion something more subtle as just him vanishing would have worked just as well here, not that didn't like it it was visually gruesome and nasty but was it to just bump up the rating?
Anyway Georgie is dragged into the drain by the clowns extending arm, the woman watching on from the shadows of her porch step forward a bit just to see the kids blood mixed in with the rain in the street.

Cut to a few months later with Bill in school talking about checking out an area he thinks his brother might be, he doesn't believe Georgie could be dead despite everyone else thinking so, brilliant child naïvety. His first three friends are also shown here too. Richie, Eddie and Stanley who are leaving the school for spring break. We are then introduced to the school bullies the main one being Henry Bowers, who says he let bill have a free ride because of his brother but now he's going to make their spring hell.
We also see Beverly being bullied by other girls for being a slut, a young girl heavily hinted at to being abused by her father.
She runs into the 'new kid' Ben who despite being chubby and cumbersome seems to win over her heart. We also learn he's being bullied by Henry too. Lastly we see Mike who is home schooled as his grandad hates the town trying to dispatch a sheep with a boltgun, when he can't his grandad reprimands him, we learn Mike's parents died in a fire later on, he strangely enough is also bullied by Henry whenever he comes into town delivering meat to the butchers.

So one by one through either bullying by Henry or something scary happening to them they all meet up and become friends over the holidays.
Beverly helps them steal supplies to tend to a bullied, wounded Ben when they can't afford it. It's just great to see them all bonding and funny to see how googly eyed they get over Beverly as young teens.

Each kid is authentically different in attitude at style even in home life. Bills parents hate it that he won't drop it that his brother isn't dead, Richie is the funny one though we don't really see his home life and he seems the least effected and normal of the group apart from his nerdy appearance. Stanley is a young Jewish kid picked on for that also looked down upon by his father for not being able to learn his Hebrew properly.
Eddie is a mother's boy to a forced extent by his overweight mother who keeps him dosed up on many placebo's in an effort to keep him scared and dependent on her.
Ben is a new kid in town with no friends initially bullied for being overweight and new, it's very nasty what Henry does to him. Beverly and Mike I have already explained.

Anyway the kids bond making friends and experience life with each other, Ben has done research on the town as the new kid so he knows about disappearances over the years. Most of them are skeptical or at the least unable to believe that there's some kind of entity haunting Derry. Then each one of them have a run in with Pennywise making each of them believe to some degree, though some choose to not believe.
The biggest shove to believe is when they are all together and the clown attacks them all from out of a set of slides. They confront the clown a number times which tests some of their friendships even to breaking point, ultimately they find that together and being not afraid is their main strength against the evil clown demon. When Beverly is taken by Pennywise the kids regroup and go to save to her despite earlier confrontations.

I'll end it there so I don't completely spoil the film, at least it's ending, which as you know we rarely do here on THN unless the films a real stinker. In final words I really enjoyed IT and to see that a R rated (though only 15 rated in UK) has done so well is another good sign, especially seeing that it gives a green light to the sequel too which I personally would have loved to seen cast by now (Amy Adams would make a perfect older Beverly she look JUST like her) Spoiled only by for me at least by some iffy horror at times also jump scares never work on me but they were brilliantly timed and I always watch the reaction of the audience to which was funny and genuine.
If I could give IT a 4.5 stars out of five I would i'm really really split I didn't like the CGI, headless easter egg boy being all wobbly and wiggly and the whole Georgie thing. Bugger it Stephen Kings IT Chapter 1 Gets a full 5 out of 5 Stars from THN!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Review: With Friends Like These (1991)

Stars: Micheal Burns, Rachel Bruneau

Budget: Unknown

Directed By: Multiple, Thomas Parkinson

Wow what can i say, I was trawling through the cheapo section of my local CEX, a place where you can go sell DVD's games etc.
I came across a DVD box set called horror 2 it featured 4 horror films. This, some weird pseudo documentary about bogmen (boggy creek 2), another zombie type one (Mutant) and the fourth i can't remember. It was like 99p for all four of them on two double sided discs.

Anyway this and the zombie type film were the only two decent films in the four set, I also mean decent in the furthest term i can like finding a nugget of corn in a turd.
Anyway this film is an anthology of friendships that go wrong, kind of told you so stories. You've all had that friend in your life who is more trouble than their worth but you keep trusting or giving one last chance too. So this film is three precautionary tales eluding to that topic.

Not sure the order they go in but here goes a breakdown of each one of the separate stories on offer in this anthology:

The Classic:
A young man buys a classic car but the car is possessed and leads him to do things he normally wouldn't do, starting to care more and more about the car than anyone else. He leaves his girlfriend/wife and relies on the advice the car gives him, to disastrous consequences.

Fridge guy:
Not it's actual name but it's been a long time since I've seen this anyway we have a massively dirty and lazy slob living a trashy apartment. He somehow has managed to bag himself a girlfriend too, she rightly complains about the smell and dirt when she's there.
This takes a turn for the odd when he inspects the smell coming from his fridge to find some food that's been festering in there for 6 months has evolved into a living lifeform. A moldman of sorts, using his DNA and totally sentient but only exists from the waist up. Initially they form a close friendship only to fall out and end up having a battle at the end.

To Good To Be True:
Ok possibly the worst one on here but still good in the story just poor in execution. A woman busy with every day life goes on a dating agency and gets paired with an amazing guy, she starts getting paranoid that he's to good. It culminates in the woman thinking he's a robot or something like that after she thinks she see's him power down, yeah..

Okay like many people have mentioned this about the film, I have to say it too. In the UK this film has an 18 rating which is our highest rating. This film is however is like watching tales from the crypt keeper (the cartoon) or goosebumps level of horror and gore.
Well this film is by no means good, but if you like anthology films and find this cheap, even if it's like the quadruple pack i got because Mutant was a decent b-movie flick too for 99p like I did then give it a go if you really want too THN awards With Friends Like These 2 out of 5 stars.