Sunday, 26 February 2017

THN Top 5: Childs Play/Chucky Kills

The demon doll, the nice guy toy who is possessed by the soul of a killer. Chucky in his multitudinous movie series has killed his fair share of folks despite being a diminutive killer action figure. Some like all of the slasher flick genre have been funnier or more creative than most. With so many unique and interesting ways to kill here's just a few of my favourite Childs Play kills:

5. Hammerfall
From child's play 1 young Andy is being looked after by his mum's friend, one of chuckys first kills as a doll is Maggie. She gets bludgeoned with a hammer a few times before crashing through the top floor apartment window to a messy death on the pavement.

4. Catch a Grenade For You
Child's play 3 has some of the most gruesome and creative deaths of the whole series. After a live ammo incident Chucky proceeds to try and kill a bunch of army cadets and Andy with a grenade. Brave Harold leaps onto the grenade smothering the blast but gutting himself in the process.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Ceiling?
From bride of Chucky we see two people canoodling on a bed when a champagne bottle is thrown into their lovely mirrored ceiling. Suffice to say it doesn't end to well for the receiving party.

2. Ammo exchange
Back to child's play 3 and in a mad bid to stop all opposition so he can put his soul in a new body Chucky swaps out all the blank rounds for live ammo.
It's not a pretty sight as we see young cadets start to cut each other down, until someone notices.

1. Eyeball replacement
My favourite and funniest kill of the series is in child's play 2 where the technician in the good guy factory is knocked onto the conveyor and subsequently has his eyeballs smashed into his head by a pair of dolls eyes, so funny seeing him laying there with them in his face.

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